Partners Jay Bass and Michael Rubinowitz

Partners Jay Bass and Michael Rubinowitz have been far more than a team of personal injury attorneys for as long as either of them can remember. Both of the esteemed partners of Bass & Rubinowitz grew up on Long Island. They attended elementary school together, high school together, and even went on to college together. Jay Bass went to NYU Law School while Mike Rubinowitz studied at Hofstra Law School. They reunited almost immediately to start their own Personal Injury Law Firm.

Today, the law firm of Bass and Rubinowitz has stuck to its roots providing legal services to those who have suffered personal injury, through an accident or negligence, in areas throughout New York, including Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan.

With expertise in car accidents, construction accidents, negligence from medical or liable products, Bass & Rubinowitz are your New York accident attorneys. Their friendship laid the foundation for their practice, where they’ve spent more than two decades representing New York area clients in personal injury cases. As tough as they are on opponents, they’re congenial and easygoing colleagues and friends, husbands and fathers.

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