Client Testimonials

“When my daughter sustained a traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident, a friend of mine recommended the law firm of Bass & Rubinowitz…My daughter’s settlement was for a significant amount of money and we were all surprised at how quickly the case was resolved…I highly recommend Bass & Rubinowitz to anyone who needs to hire a personal injury attorney to handle a case involving catastrophic injuries.”

by L.O., Queens, NY

“I have never experienced or known a law firm that prides itself with such high standards, credentials and ethics such as Bass & Rubinowitz. Thank you for WINNING our case, not SETTLING our case.”

by P.I., Long Island, NY

“Your advice was consistently sound and well reasoned and always given with our daughter’s best interests in mind. Putting the matter into your capable hands proved to be one of the best decisions our family has made.”

by – W.S., Long Island, NY

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